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Emily Rawson is one of the most sought-after female DJs and promoters in the UK. Her incredible Hip Hop Brunch is in full flow and we asked her to join us for a few questions after her set.

Her all-female brand, Rock The Belles, is breaking down barriers in music by supporting female DJ talent, and her club event, Supa Dupa Fly, is without a doubt the biggest Hip-Hop & RnB night in the UK.

Emily DJs for well-known companies like Chanel, Nike, and Soho House. In addition to, hosting and performing for celebrities such as the Kardashians, Kanye West, Rita Ora, and Jazzy Jeff.

She performs at events including Lovebox, The Great Escape, and Fresh Island, and she frequently contributes to BBC Radio 1Xtra.

Emily received Marie Claire’s “Women At The Top” award in 2015, which honours 10 of the most inventive, inspirational game-changers who helped to define the year through their work.

The Rock The Belles collective, which is fiercely ambitious and pro-women, brings together the hottest female DJs, bands, and creatives for a genre-defying celebration of the ladies who are making their mark in the music industry. Emily serves as a mentor for many women in the music industry and frequently participates in panel discussions. 

Emily has collaborated with Amazing Grace on putting on one of London’s hottest Hip Hop Brunches.  Amazing Grace chatted with Emily about how the brunch concept came about, her favourite tracks to play at the brunches, and much more.

Tell us a little bit more about your Emily Rawson + Friends brunch?

I wanted to start a brunch party which people in their 30’s 40’s would enjoy. Since having a child i’ve DJ’ed a lot less, so this was also created to give me some time to shine every month, playing the music I love to a slightly older demographic. 

The crowd is always super fun, sexy, yet unpretentious.

If you could describe the brunch in three words, what would they be?

The brunch would be best described as Bold, Boozy, and Hilarious. 

What sort of music can people expect?

Predominantly Hip Hop & RnB from the 90s & 00s, but I also throw in some 80’s Soul, like Whitney. I also like to add bit of UKG (because we all love a bit of Luck N Neat), and even a bit of Pop & Disco – I’m a HUGE Nile Rogers fan. 

My musical taste is very diverse, so although guests know me for hiphop & rnb, you can definitely expect a few curveballs in there. I dropped Backstreet Boys one month, it went OFF!

What's your favourite Rnb track from the 90s?

It is hard to choose just one, there are 1000’s I’m passionate about. This is what I grew up on, it is my first love, I’m a total geek on it!

But if I did have to pick, I would go with ‘You Should Be Mine’ by Brian Mcknight

What's the funniest thing that has happened at your brunch?

A group of about 15 girls came dressed as grannys, walking sticks, padded bums & all – it was absolutely hilarious!

Hip Hop Brunch Granny

London is renowned for its thriving bottomless brunch scene - what makes your offering different?

There is no other dj that plays like me, no other host like Teddy. Amazing grace is an incredible venue with a brilliant food offering, and our crowd is all about good vibes, smiles & positive energy. I challenge anyone to find a better brunch party in London.

Do you have any exciting events planned for 2023?

Yes, Emily Rawson & Friends brunch is on the last Saturday of every month Amazing Grace. 

We have our festival in Santorini 26-30th May, as well as all of our other incredible weekly club nights & brunch parties – www.supadupaflylove.com

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Our incredible Emily Rawson and Friends Hip Hop Brunch, features R&B, Garage, Bashment, and more will be played, along with other genres, by DJs Emily Rawson (BBC 1Xtra), Pavlos, G Starr, and others. 

Join us on our Events page to check out Emily’s next brunch happening at Amazing Grace on January 28th!

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