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Khazali: A 2022 Interview


Time to Shrine and Khazali

Time To Shrine is a music showcase, curated by Amazing Grace in collaboration with Havana Club and Women Connect.

Together we are working with and welcoming major agencies to bring the best new talent to our stage. 

Time to Shrine, features a selection of London’s top up and coming musicians, singers, and song writers. This event, alongside fantastic music, will showcase stunning 3D mapping projections, bespoke cocktails, talks, and a give-away competition.

This month we are featuring the incredible talent of Khazali. He is a 23-year-old from Queens Park, Northwest London.  He grew up with his Moroccan mother, who always encouraged him to express his musical talents. 

Khazali has been a member of the trio VRWRK since 2017, but he is currently on hiatus from the group. Khazali has since then released a handful of singles as a solo artist. His new single, “You’ll Be The One” on Kitsunė Musique has an alluring quality that captivates the senses.  

Amazing Grace chatted with Khazali about his musical inspirations, his latest singles, and how he has approached his career so far.

Q: We love "Comfort" and can't wait to hear you perform it - What are your plans for 2023?

A: Thank you, I’m really looking forward to it – I’ve been to Amazing Grace a few times and it was on my bucket list to perform there this year, so I’m excited. 2023 looks like it’s going to be a good year, I’ve got a project in the works & a few live shows I’m really looking forward to announcing.

Q: How did you get into making music?

A: When I was a kid I played the violin, and I was part of a choir, so the basics of music were always there for me. It was only the time between being in sixth form and my graduation that I decided to try song writing out. 

I took what I knew musically and got really excited about electronic production software – over a couple of years of crafting a bit more of a distinct sound naturally putting me in the same rooms as great songwriters, and other musicians.


Q: Khazali, of all the venues that you have performed at, which has become your favourite and why?

A: It’s so difficult to answer that because there’s such a special connection at each of the places I’ve performed at. Recently, I had an emotional moment where I realised how my hard work is starting to pay off perform whilst at Rock City in Nottingham.

This week I’ll be performing at Manchester Academy and London Roundhouse which is just insane!

Q: If you could duet with anyone, who would it be and why?

A: I’d love to hear what a duet with Arlo Parks would sound like. I think our voices would blend well together, and I really respect and admire the sounds that have come out so far, especially on their album.

Q: What's the funniest or weirdest thing that's happened during a show?

A: I was performing at The Old Blue Last recently and I don’t know if it’s funny or weird but this really stood out to me. Someone who had an EXTREMELY deep voice shouted “yeah!”, after every song. It caught me off guard every time – I was so grateful for my deep-voiced cheerleader and I hope to meet them one day.

Khazali will be performing at Amazing Grace on November 30th 2022, for the Time to Shrine showcase, along with Manny Alexandra, Tahn Solo, and Lili Caseley.

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