Wednesday, July 31st 2024
4:00pm – 12:00am

Live At The Altar: The Moonstone Trio

Introducing The Moonstone Trio, an all-female ensemble renowned for their soul-stirring harmonies and eclectic repertoire. Drawing inspiration from the poetic lyrics of Bob Dylan, the emotive melodies of Joni Mitchell, and the timeless sound of Fleetwood Mac, Moonstone infusesvtheir performances with depth and passion. Enchanting the stage with their free-spirited aura and bohemian style, Moonstone transports audiences on a captivating journey through musical history. From the nostalgic allure of “Woodstock” and “Piece Of My Heart” to the contemporary country vibes of “Wagon Wheel” and “Texas Hold ‘Em,” each song is a revival of a cherished musical era. Experience more than just a performance—immerse yourself in the magic of Moonstone’s harmonies, where every note resonates with peace, love, and timeless beauty. Join them for an unforgettable auditory experience that continues to captivate and inspire music enthusiasts worldwide.

Doors open from 4:00 PM | Live Show begins at 6 PM

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